The Beginning of Nowhere

John Lennon Wall (Prague) INTRODUCTION

Hola! My name is Johana. Recently, the idea of “blogging” has taken over my mind. My good friend/colleague Erica has constantly encouraged me to create a blog, she believes that I am a good writer and many times after her motivational   expressions, I have found myself on the brink of creating one.  Tonight at dinner, I met a young writer who has inspired me to begin this journey. AND I also believe meeting someone so passionate about writing is a sign from the universe saying…”Start this Jo, what else do I need to do to make it more clear”. (NOTE: In case I forget to mention this later…. Thank you to the young writer that has impressed me with her tales of  worldly travels, love of the Spanish language and words of inspiration! )

While I wait to be inspired, here is some information about me:

  1. I was born and raised in Los Angeles (Also Known As the City of Angels, LA, Tinseltown and Lalaland)  but I currently live in Germany.
  2. I am married to one of the most amazing cooks I have ever encountered.
  3. I enjoy learning new things but I am completely obsessed with words, music and lyrics.
  4. I admire and appreciate art.
  5. I love to travel.

Finally, my favorite thing about traveling is the distinct sensation that conquers my body and soul everytime I step into a new city, I fall in love again and again. I find myself lusting for new foods and flavors; awing architecture; applauding street artists; dancing to street musicians; struting down fashion streets and constantly wondering “How did the graffiti artist get all the way up there?”

Stay tuned for bits in fashion, food, travel and  escapades to come!!!




13 thoughts on “The Beginning of Nowhere”

  1. I am the exact same way with Graffiti. I also wonder, “How do they make such beautiful HUGE pieces of art?!?” My favourite is still in Bratislava. At least I still hope he is there…a little lonely graffiti monster.

      1. Bratislava is small and can be seen in one day. We stayed on the castle/town side and didn’t go into the “urban” areas. I’ll find the photos and tag you in them. I think they’re on Facebook.

  2. Johana,
    You’re simply amazing! I look forward to all of your entries of your adventure! Please please
    Please don’t forget our favorite resturant!!! Love you!

  3. I’m glad you started your writing journey here: it only gets better the more you write (I think). Another great blog: literarysofa by Isabel Costello. Check her out: great writing and wonderful guest artists. Like you, I cannot help taking pictures of all the graffiti I’ve encountered all over the world. You’ve inspired me to write an article about it and post a few pictures 🙂 Thanks Jo!

  4. Hahaha…. this is so you and me… I can see us standing admiring graffiti thinking that… Your great description of words make me want to travel and explore… cant wait to read more of your awesome adventures…

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