Goodbye, Sweet Welde FassBrause

RIP Welde FassBrause

Living in Germany, we have become accustomed to paying more for water than we do for beer. This is terrible for me for the following reasons: first and foremost, I am usually the designated driver. (You would think that my bastard friends would buy my cola for the rest of the night! Sheesh). Secondly, I need to have a thirst quencher at dinner that I can gulp in case I choke on my food, and beer is not the beverage of choice. “Oh, how does she know?” you may ask…I have learned this from personal experience – the result was no bueno! And finally, I am very particular about the beers I select to booze myself up with. I love Heineken (when in Amsterdam), Kilkenny (unfortunately, I only find them at Irish pubs) and I yearn for Duvel. My admiration for this beer could be because Duvel means “Devil” in Dutch.

While visiting the Welde Brewery in Schwetzingen, I was informed that my favorite designated driver malt based alcohol-free beverage (similar to beer) has been retired. Welde’s Fassbrause is not just a beverage to me. We have a relationship; we have shared happy and sad moments, it has been my companion through thick and thin, it has been the only thing that makes sense when no one intoxicated around me does. Fassbrause is so special to me, that if this were Middle Earth and Fassbrause were an ingredient for a magical elixir it would be called “Unicorn Pee”.

When it was mentioned that it had been retired, I picked up the six they had in front of me and  immediately requested to purchase every bottle that they had at hand in the brewery. My throat was filled with greed, not wanting anyone else to be able to purchase any, especially if they are the last ones. When I said this to the young man he said, “Buy? We will give them to you for free”. At this point, I think, “Awesome. I have hit the jackpot!” .  Within a  few minutes of waiting,  my imagination had gotten the best of me. I envision the young man telling me he has 20 cases to gift me. If this is so, I would need to drive my husband and our friends to the train station to take a two hour train home,  just to make room  for my sweet Fassbrause. The conundrum: this time Jaime and my friends probably would divorce me. Soon after the young man  returns and says, “I’m sorry those six bottles are the last ones”.

Fassbrause, I will miss you dearly my friend.




6 thoughts on “Goodbye, Sweet Welde FassBrause”

  1. My favorite brewery!! Some good time there…while you refused to drink my favy beer there that was SOOO similar to yours!!! 🙂

    1. I love their brewery too!!! They are such a hip company and their beers and beverages are so refreshing! 10 euro for a tour and “all you can drink” lounge is a steal! K, you are too funny, I had completely forgotten about that. We did have a great time there. Thank you for commenting!

      1. That’s why we went!! Tour + Unfiltered Beer + All You Can Drink Lounge = Most legit business and brewery EVERRR!!

        Also, that was a great time with y’all 🙂 I miss our brewery times.

  2. Wow, I am blown away and honored that you gave me your special “Unicorn Pee.” This is thee highest honor anyone has ever given me! I cannot wait to kick this sickness and taste this wondeful elixir. Hugs!!

  3. ITS MOUTHWATERING DELICIOUSNESS!!! Wow, you must really like me because I don’t think I could have been as nice and shared my limited edition beer. lol! I had one today and now I want to ration my last one! lol!!!

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