Where do I begin? I don’t know where to start since I don’t know at what point it happened. Let me begin from what I can remember.

Around 9:10 pm Tuesday night, I was preparing my supplies for a Lia Sophia presentation for a Dress for Success event at a local thrift shop for the following day. (Yes. I love and sell Lia Sophia jewelry). I noticed my 7 year old yorkie-maltese Morrison was pacing around looking for attention. I pet him and sang to him a bit (Yes…I sing to Morrison all the time….we dance too) and he left.

9:50 pm- My husband Jaime asked me “Hey, is Morrison up there with you?”. I shout, “no, isn’t he with you?”…SILENCE. Jaime, finally responds back and says “I opened the door for him to go out and saw him come back in”. As he says this, I walk to the third floor of our home and scan the room, nothing. I go to the rest of the rooms on the second floor, nothing. I shout, “are you SURE he is not with you?”…SILENCE.

“Jaime, is Morrison with you?”. At this point I have walked downstairs and I notice Jaime has already stepped outside calling out his name…SILENCE. I immediately drop the jewelry in my hand and look for my sneakers. Suddenly, I hear Jaime come back in and say “Um…the wooden fence is open”. As I listened closer, it wasn’t silence this time that was filling the void, but panic. Panic that Morrison our pup, our golden boy, our baby could really be missing. Morrison is always responsive, he always comes back when we call him and we never (under any circumstances) leave our wooden fence door open in our little backyard.  Immediately our movements are in unison.  Before I run downstairs, Jaime is already out of the door.  At this point, the panic has begun to effect my imagination (in case you were wondering, my imagination is a blessing and a burden). I envision Jaime in his basketball shorts and me in my green pajama pants and red hoodie frantically crying and screaming in the middle of the road searching for “Momo”.

About 45 seconds after Jaime ran out the door, he starting calling me. “Hey, I found him, he is okay!”.For about 40 seconds that panic had taken over. All I could think about was if Morrison had been eaten by foxes, taken by a passerby or worse…kidnapped by children that would trick and pretend to love him more than we do just to get him to come to them and then they shoot arrows at him during archery practice.  Hey….it can happen, didn’t anyone watch Moonrise Kingdom?

My sweet boy was wet as a mop and freezing. Of course, absentminded to the chaotic warfare in my mind,  he comes running to me, as if nothing has happened. Before Jaime even enters the home, he states “Babe, everything is okay, he is home now”. I hate that he knows I am about to start or already crying. Jaime found Morrison 3 houses down, tapping at our neighbors back door. In my opinion, Morrison was suffering withdraws from being apart from his adopted uncle Justin. Justin and his sister Siera are some of the most awesome teenagers I know and were kind enough to watch Morrison for us over the past weekend. I am extremely grateful that Justin and Siera love Momo so much, that my pup can recognize their home as a safe haven.  (Thank you guys! Love ya)

After the eternal short  panic, I patted him dry and  remembered that earlier in the day, as I was  getting ready to step into the shower, Morrison ran downstairs and was barking himself away to something in my backyard. I remembered walking down and telling him to stop barking at nothing. Suddenly, I realize that I am mortified about something creepier… Whoever Morrison was barking at, left our back fence open.





8 thoughts on “Panic”

    1. Tell me about it!!! This makes me miss living in an apartment building in a city as oppose to a house in the middle of nowhere. Thank you for reading my blog Jilly! 🙂

    1. Kristi, I have thought about this! But honestly, I do not know what the German laws are in regards to owning one or carrying one around. Thank you for reading my blog and being so supportive!!! 🙂

  1. OMG that is awful! I know that feeling…our girls have done that to us a few times. They run around our neighbourhood on their own. At least they know how to get home when they go out on the town. lol!

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