Word Worthy Week #1 (April 28th-May 4th)

In an effort to be more positive, I will post once a week events that have been the highlight of my week or anything I am grateful for!  (YES…I know…it’s Monday. I’m a day late, but I was crazy busy and it couldn’t wait!)

“Okay…I guess it wasn’t that bad!”

I was not looking forward to it. Everyone said, “Johana, you gotta do it”. So I did. I finally graduated college and walked across stage! At first, I did not want to participate because I thought it was not necessary, (honestly, it’s because I didn’t know if anyone other than my husband would cheer for me) but now that it is over I can say I do not regret it at all. It finally gave me closure to that chapter of my life. Also, I was so very happy and overwhelmed with joy! I was more than happy to hug my fellow neighbors and classmates, give up my extra tickets so another student’s whole family could be present at the ceremony (since he needed 5 and was only given 3) and I am so grateful that so many people and so many familiar faces were there.  Although, I finished school in December, I felt, as though, I still needed to take classes because it did not feel official. Well, it sure does now! In all honesty, I barely remember anything. I felt as though every noise was sucked out of the room when I walked by the President of the university to receive my rolled up letter stating that I would receive my actual diploma in the mail. All that crossed my mind was “DO NOT TRIP ON THE PRESIDENT…DO NOT TRIP ON THE PRESIDENT”

Grateful for that unexpected graduation guest

As I stood in a hallway at the venue, speaking to my friend Mike and waiting for my husband to arrive, I ran into this pretty lady! Image

Photo Courtesy of Talisa Aristide

This is Talisa. Talisa and I roomed together while we attended a Field Study in Amsterdam about a year ago. I have not seen her since. Last I heard, she had moved from England to America for school! It was amazing to see her, especially because I ran into her by complete chance. I did not know she would be attending the ceremony to witness her mother participate in commencement.

WordPress L O V E 

I know this is super SUPER cheesy but I have to do it!!! I had not posted anything for more than a month. (I am disappointed in myself too). Finally, when I did, I woke up the next day and I realized I now had 10+ followers!!! (I know, it’s cheesy, but I want to get excited about the little things too!) SO…In case, anyone is reading this…. THANKS A BUNCH for showing me some love!


My friend Marco and his fiancée Jasmin have given me a dartboard. If you play darts, i’d get ready. Train up, because I will be practicing and playing like there is no mañana.

 The Muse (also known as…The Husband) 

Although, at times he is a bit grumpy…he is amazing! I am grateful and happy that he did not complain about driving me 3 hours away for the ceremony, my crying, stressful complaining and for continually repeating that he was proud of me! I love you Jaime! 🙂   Do you have any highlights to share? Or anything you want to mention that your grateful for? I would love to hear them!    Until next time! 🙂 Ciao!


4 thoughts on “Word Worthy Week #1 (April 28th-May 4th)”

  1. Congrats Johana!!! I am so happy for you! I am grateful to work next to you and Erica. If it wasn’t for you two, I probably would have left this place months ago.

    You are an amazing friend and a beautiful person. Much love to you! Oh, and your hubby is pretty cool too 😉

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