El Fotógrafo and the Ayatollah of Rocknrolla

Everytime we take a trip I learn something new. I make it a point to go to a few museums, take a tour, visit a palace or visit a historical location. I have visited several locations that have made me appreciate history, art, music, and even myself. But during our visit to Amsterdam and Paris, I found myself in complete admiration and appreciation for a common human understanding…friendship.  I have never had this happen before.

My husband Jaime (the Ayatollah of Rocknrolla as he calls himself) has one of the most amazing friends that God could have possibly put on this earth for him. Honestly, I am ridiculously jealous of their friendship. Not about how they love each other or the time they spend together (because trust me, it is not enough) but the idea that my husband and Luis have had the honor of being buddies since they were kids; i’m jealous that I love Luis so much that I am jealous I didn’t meet him first and I am not his primary friend; and extremely resentful that it took my husband 9 years to get Luis and I get to know each other better (in turn, I WILL NEVER FORGIVE YOU FOR THIS JAIME).



The love they have for each other goes beyond a fad bromance. Not only does Luis advise Jaime that he should not play loud music at the Père Lachaise Cemetery in Paris (because everyone visiting is not there just for Jim Morrison), but he makes sure to discreetly order water for Jaime when he has had too much of the drink the night before and offers up his salad when he knows that Jaime is still hungry after devouring a regular burger. And my husband, being the loving best friend he is, becomes exhilarted sharing european beers, foods and experiences with Luis and is willing to walk the streets of Amsterdam at the wee hours of the night  to make sure that the rest of our posse make it back to our room safely. Personally, it is very humbling to be near them or listen to them talk to each other, especially because I am a true believer that your friends are the family you get to pick.

What I admire the most of their friendship is that they might as well be as different as day and night. Although, they are both funny and are highly entertaining, my husband is highly eccentric, loud and very young spirited. Luis, on the other hand, is more rational and level headed. One thing they do have in common, is their lack of auditory perception. Jaime and Luis decided to take a short trip to Prague with our other guests before their flight back to California. I had made one small request, they had one job. When they return, they were proud to gift me with a 12 pack of Czech Budweiser. I sat there…puzzled, and they both said “you said you wanted a Budweiser pack”. I quickly respond and say “UM…I said BUDWEISER PLAQUE”.

In Amsterdam, after a few pictures that Luis took I realized that he may see things in a different light than we did. At first, I thought it could possibly be that I had been to Amsterdam plenty of times before and maybe there wasn’t anything new that I wanted to photograph, but when we arrived in Paris and I compared my pictures to his, I thought “Yeah…I suck, I am not a good photographer”. In honor of my new found friendship with Luis (El Fotógrafo), I wanted to give him props (kudos) for discovering a talent while we were gallivanting around Europe. The boy can take amazing pictures! His picture can make a home body immediately wanderlust.

Lastly, I look forward to moving home to see their friendship grow and catch up on all of the years that they have missed out. And who knows, someday I may win the lotto and ElFotógrafo, the Ayatollah of Rocknrolla and our families could move into that 5 story home in Amsterdam that we admired near the Museumplein.

Does your significant other have friends that you love? Or do you have a friendship like this?

What do you think of El Fotógrafo’s pictures? Which one is your favorite?




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