Why I Love The World Cup!

“The World Cup experience is more than just the game of soccer. It’s an event. And it will fly by faster than you think. It will end and you’ll be saying, ‘Wow, it’s over already?’ You have to remember to take it all in and enjoy it.” -Cobi Jones

And boy, isn’t that the truth! My husband and I catch the World Cup fever. World Cup season is a difficult time in our home. We usually do not root for the same team, as a matter of fact I think we do it on purpose. But man, have I grown to love that time. The following are my 10 reasons why I love the World Cup!

1. The Roller Coaster of Emotions
It’s bad, we do not function properly, we yell, we fight, we hug, we celebrate and man do we critize! As the world looks on, we saw people celebrate, dance, admire their face paint and watched them cry as their teams lost. Jaime and I had a few tragdies of our own…beginning with Jaime when Mexico lost to the Netherlands.

The day mexico lost

Photo of Jaime after Mexico was eliminated

And then quickly following the loss of The Netherlands (I have no picture to prove this) but after my husband went to bed (glad to finally feel some justice for Robben flopping during the Mexico game) I snuck into my kitchen and drank two shots of Patron and just shook my head.

2. The Boys
Come on, you knew I was going to say something about all of the hot men running around, with their legs and shoulders and back muscles…Sigh!

3.  People LOVE Penalty Shootouts
I have quickly learned that many individuals (who are not rooting for the teams playing) LOVE LOVE LOVE penalty shootouts. I hate the anxiety of having a winner be determined by this, but during the final a British young man said “I love them because everyone is nervous and then you see people crying!”. I guess it makes them feel better about the fact that the team they were rooting for didn’t get too far.

4. If your team is losing, your buddies will check up on you!
When Mexico was playing The Netherlands and it felt like Mexico was going to win, I recieved at least 2 messages asking if I was going to be okay.

5. With every game, a Whole country is celebrating.
I have lived in Germany for 6 years and have been lucky enough to watch two World Cups here and they won during one! Everytime Germany won, it is celebrated. I can only imagine what it was like for other countries especially for ones that did not expect to win at all.

6. It is a Social Activity.
Although I watched many games on the comfort of my couch, it was so much better to watch the game with my friends. We were able to drink, chat, chant, laugh and eat junkfood while we enjoy the game and each others company.
World Cup Selfie

Credit: Joshua Camacho

7. For a month, The World Cup is all that matters.
At first I thought that only Jaime and I caught the fever. I thought we were so obsessive to the point where we were a bit oblivious. I mean, I didn’t blog, I didn’t work on my master’s application and I didn’t even say “Happy Birthday” to my younger sister Laura on Facebook. (P.S. Happy Birthday Laura! 🙂 ) I soon realized that many others would freak out if they could not find a television when gametime came around. While in Barcelona a few weeks ago, we were concerned we were not going to be able to watch the USA vs. Belgium game. We found an Irish Pub that was televising the game, and although we were there early, we witnessed a few Americans walk in after and say “Oh, THANK GOD”.

Okay, in all honesty I hate this word. Especially, when being used during the World Cup. The World Cup should be a World celebration. Everyone has the right to root for their country and be proud! I hate when people state “No one cared about soccer until the World Cup?” The way I see it is “THE MORE THE MERRIER!”

9.”For every Goal Germany makes, you get a shot”
During the Brazil vs. Germany game, our table ended up with 28 empty shot glasses. AND man was that lemon vodka good!

10. Everyone is watching
I am obsessed with the idea that no matter what time it is, where someone lives, who they are rooting for, if their team has already lost…everyone is watching. It gives me a sense of connection with others in the world or at least the majority of them. And that’s my favorite part, I enjoy knowing that many others are sharing the same reaction as I am.

Also…I think what everyone secretly loves is that ANYTHING can happen! (And that scares the shit out of people!!!)))

What was your favorite part of the World Cup?

Congrats Germany!!! We were so lucky to be here and experience all the celebrations! Looking forward to 2018!




4 thoughts on “Why I Love The World Cup!”

  1. The men… definitely the men. There is just something about the way a soccer player is built. And of course the many memories made watching the games!

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