Laura and The Glittery Wand

I’ve always known what has been my favorite belonging. Well, at least from the moment it was gifted to me. One Christmas, I received a glass glittery wand. I loved it. I never left home without it. I loved watching the pink inside swirl to the bottom, I spent hours laying on the grass watching the star shaped glitter pieces move around the air bubble in this compacted oil based glass case and I enjoyed tossing it and catching it mid-air. I never considered  how much this meant to me until my sister ruined it.

Laura is my younger sister. We are 5 years apart. She doesn’t know this…but from the moment she was born, we got along. I mean, I guess she didn’t have much of a choice. The day her and I met, I remember sitting in a waiting room, doing what I did best: making faces and eating my gummy bears (except the yellow ones…gross). Funny how my gummies carry so much significance when re-telling this story.  After hours (or at least what felt like ages) I was called into a room to meet someone. There she was. Her and I immediately bonded over an (imaginary) conversation, where she request all of my yellow gummy bears (that I happily tossed into her transparent crib!). The bond (for me) was instant.

I was six and Laura had just turned two. At two she was terrible. She once bit my toe while I watched a Lakers game with my uncle (circa Magic Johnson), she constantly pulled my hair, and she loved chasing me around. BUT I loved her. One day, on our regular cat and mouse chase at home…she committed the ultimate crime. I ran into the restroom and closed the door, so she wouldn’t pull my long curls, when suddenly I hear a shatter on our restroom door. She struck our restroom door with my wand. YEP…she broke it. I was devastated. I vowed that I would never forgive her.Little Laura & me

As Laura and I grew up, I recovered from this mishap. We would tell her stories about this adorable hot pink wand that I adored. Laura would look at me and always say “Sorry”. I knew she felt bad, but I also understood that she was a baby when it happened. Nevertheless, when Laura and I argued, she would frustrate me enough that I would instantly shout “YOU BROKE MY WAND” and that was the end. And I felt great… I would win. It was a jerk move, but I would win.


 A few summers back, I went home for my birthday. The wand had not come to mind in years. Jaime and I sat in my parents kitchen one day, suddenly Laura walks out with a Hello Kitty bag, as I looked inside, there was a vintage looking Los Angeles Dodgers cap, and hidden below that was a purple replica of the wand she had broken many many moons ago. Proudly Laura said “We are now even!”

Old Laura & Johana 

I love this wand, but not for the same reasons like when I was a kid. Now that I am a grown up the wand represents so much more. My wand holds so much power, it quickly transports me to a time when life was simple, it contains hours, days, even months worth of cherished memories, but most importantly it reminds me of the incredible bond Laura and I have. Yeah, sometimes we fight, sometimes she drives me nuts, she hates the way I talk, but isn’t that what siblings do anyway…fight? Laura, I could not have asked for a better woman to spend the rest of my life with. To shop, to laugh with, to bother with new trendy words, to bitch about boys with and to just cuddle and watch musicals with. I love you kid!

Can anyone else relate? Do you have a favorite belonging? I would love to hear about it! 




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