Last Day in My Twenties

When I woke up, my first thought was “Holy Shit…TODAY is my last day in my twenties”. The idea of turning 30 wasn’t scary, but the fact that it was my last day in my 20’s made me pretty sad. I was sad thinking about the moment I would call my mom the next day and her words would be (and I quote) “Wow, you are now 30 Jo, ya está vieja. I can’t believe your 30!” I know she would say this because she tells me every year. But this time, I know she would really think this.  I woke up and contemplated what I was going to do for the day. After a few minutes, I bore myself with daydreams that I could not forfil like driving to Venice, eating a three tier cake on my own or drinking myself sober so instead I played Candy Crush, checked my email, showered and got ready for Airwrecka (aka the Pusher) to pick me up for work.

A few hours after I started work Airwrecka tells me “Um, Mike is bringjng lunch today, so don’t go out and get anything.” (Mike is Airwrecka’s main squeeze). Immediately I tell her “Oh….is this for my birthday!? Oh I knew you guys were talking about me yesterday!” even though they denied it and proceeded to call me a narcissist. Soon after,  goodies began to appear on my desk, such as:

Pizza J

 “J” Pizza

Birthday Cake


(I know, you’re thinking “WTF is that?” all you need to know is that it was delicious and it looks like a drunk Dr.Seuss baked it, but I know it was made with LOVE)

Photos taken by: Airwrecka

And last but not least, banana, chocolate, raspberry bread that my friend Lindsey made! This is my favorite breakfast bread. It makes me happy every time she makes it! It always cheers me up when I am down! (Sorry I do not have a picture). BUT here is a link to see it.

I came home with 2 slices of cake (trust me that was enough to feed 10 people). My home was empty when I arrived. I remember Jaime said he would be at one of my neighbors home. I decided to change clothes and walk over with my two slices of heaven, but when I arrived, there were more people than I expect and I did not know anyone else who was there. As I sat there and watched everyone enjoy their time, drinking local German beer, smoking hookah and talking, I thought to myself “This isn’t a bad way to spend my last day in my twenties” and although I was exhausted, I decided to stay up until midnight. By nightfall most of the party had moved to another neighbors house with a warm fire and as someone pull out their phone and said “it’s 23:59” I thought, I need to seize this moment, because one thing is for damn sure…I will never get this back. (Sure, God willing, I know I will have another birthday, but I’ve had such a blast in my twenties). SO I braced myself as I internally counted down the seconds to midnight like it was New Years. At midnight, my new friends sang “Happy Birthday” with a few struggles to say my name or not remembering, but  I know the intention was good.

A few days before my birthday, in genuine Airwrecka style, she encouraged me to not be too sad about turning 30. I explained, “My life at 30 is not what I imagine it would be like when I was 15. I thought I would own a home, have a few children, possibly be CEO of Sony”. In reality, at 15, I thought I would be married with kids, in a beautiful home in Los Angeles and possibly making movies. That is all I thought about as a kid, movies, lights, cameras, locations…Hey…I know…a bit much…but I grew up in Los Angeles, what did you expect? Airwrecka quickly responded with just about everything I have accomplished and needed to hear, I mean she was right. Sure, I do not have children, but I am married, I have traveled, I just got into Grad school, and I have some of the most amazing friends. (Oh, you know you are thinking the same thing…6 layer drunk Dr. Seuss cake? “J” pizza? Banana-Chocolate-Raspberry bread? Neighbors staying up past midnight to sing Happy Birthday? (Okay, well I know they didn’t know my name, but they didn’t have to sing it either!) All of these amazing people made an extra effort!) But most importantly, I’m happy. I’m excited to be 30, life hasn’t turned out to be like I imagined it, but this life is pretty damn good too! SO I now say “Hasta La Vista…BABY” to my amazing twenties, and gracefully say “Hola” to my thirties.




3 thoughts on “Last Day in My Twenties”

  1. Love reading your blogs… reminds of our conversations we used to have. You were always so eloquent and enunciated your words perfectly and then comes paisa me with my accent. Lol. Love you, and you took my thoughts right out of my head, I’m not were I was expecting to be in my last days in my 20s but it’s been a good ride so far…

    1. Yeah! Funny that you mention this, because this particular day, you know, the epic last day, my husband said “Babe, are you going to have a midlife crisis like you did when you turned 25?” In all honesty, I am looking forward to the thirties! Thank you for reading my post!

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