Word Worthy Week

Word Worthy Week

 In an effort to be more positive, once a week I will be posting highlights of my week and anything I am grateful for!  

Birthday Celebrations

Well it is finally here…30. With it came a ton of celebrating! From drunken Dr. Seuss inspired cakes, pizzas, breads, bottles of wines, hookahs, steak dinner, ruined suprised dinner parties, new friends singing happy birthday and festing! Overall, the weekend was amazing and I want to say a big THANK YOU to everyone who celebrated with me, hugged me, bought me drinks, came to dinner or simply just said it!


Barehand and me

Photo taken by Barehand

I’ve met a girl. There is only one word to describe her… AWESOME! She is one of the coolest people I have ever met. Actually, I think the universe worked really hard to get us to meet! At least this is what I like to believe. We do not see each other often but when I am around her WE (I believe I can speak for both of us Barehand, when I say this) but we are so Happy! We talk, we laugh and I believe she immediately understood my sense of humor! Earlier last week, I registered for my Grad Courses at the University of Denver and 24 hours later I received a confirmation email. I thought “Awesome, these classes are going to be so aweso…-WTF…HOW MUCH IS IT FOR TWO? Aye Caramba…”. I calmly freaked out. I messaged her and quickly told her how much tuition was. Her response was identical to mine! BUT she gave me the motivation that I need, she quickly asked questions like “What’s the plan?” “Why did you choose Art and Culture?” “How much does a typical master’s cost?” and before I knew it, she had done quick research about being an Art Handler/Museum Curator. The following words followed “You are already at Step 2 moving onto Step 3. Go Johana, go!” She gets me and I love her! I’m so beyond happy we met!

Johana and Chris

Oh…and I forgot to mention, her husband Chris is pretty damn gnarly too!

Photo taken by: Barehand

“Complicated is Cool” 

This phase is new. See, I am a true believer that there are two kind of people in the world. There are simple people and complicated people. I am a complicated person. I have many interests, many passions, I am ALWAYS thinking and to be honest, I am a bit neurotic. I question everything I do,  including what I am going to have for dinner. “Babe, should I have the fried noodles with beef or chicken…UGH…maybe I should have fried rice…ugh fuck it…lets just have Croatian food…Should we get rice or fries…ugh…Fries…no, grease is bad…but its so good…am I going to get cancer from this??”. I thrive in the chaos and if things are too calm or mellow, I worry. I immediately think something bad is going to happen and I am constantly in paranoia that it will happen at any given moment. COMPLICATED. I constantly (well, in my moments of neurosis) describe this form of anxiety to my friend Michael. Most of the time, I leave these conversations feeling relieved and  embarrassed. Relieved because he constantly talks me out of my doubts…embarrassed because in these moment I am vocally freaking out I suffer from word vomit. When Michael signed my B-Day card the phrase “Complicated is Cool” really stuck out. Thank you Michael for being my friend, even though I am so complicated!

The Husband

This guy keeps surprising me! Jaime had major plans of keeping my birthday celebrations secret, until his friend spilled the beans. Either way, I had an amazing time. Thank you for being my designated driver and staying out late with me when you were so exhausted. You are awesome and I am incredibly happy with you. BUT…I do wish you would have sang Happy Birthday at 3am with a donut at hand in a gas station…just saying!

Do you have any highlights to share? Or anything you want to mention that your grateful for? I would love to hear them! 




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