The Wedding



Back in the summer of  2011, Jaime and I were getting ready to move to Hohenfels from Heidelberg, Germany. Every time Jaime and I are getting ready to move, we meet amazing people, without a doubt it always happens. SO with no surprise,  Jaime and I met Marco at a poker game. Marco was a young German who is tall, fit, plays Futbol (soccer) religiously, is soft spoken and very quiet.  We immediately loved him. Jaime and him bonded over Welde bier and the fact that we could call him “Marco Polo” when we couldn’t find him at fests.

We fast forward to the summer of 2014 and we were overjoyed to announce that our bestie got married. AND who other than my husband to be the Best Man.  Jasmin and Marco had a beautiful wedding. Although, their whole ceremony was in German, I am truly ashamed to admit, that I cried at the wedding. (FUN FACT ABOUT JOHANA #1: The kid does not cry at commercials and rarely cries at movies.)

While Jaime and I were the only Americans at the wedding and reception, there were a few things that we found culturally different, like the terrorist act of the Best Friends of the Bride wrecking the couples home. Marco and Jasmin’s bed was missing when they got home and was replaced with the tv, and confetti everywhere. BUT to be completely honest, I do not know if they are cultural differences or my lack of wedding participation. You see, I’ve lived in Germany so long that all of my friends are married and  I haven’t attended any of them. (Holy Shit…that’s terrible…I know).  SO instead of writing words upon words to describe events, I figured I would share my favorite moments in photographs instead!


FUNNY STORY: I know that this point, you are probably wondering why My Husband is taking Jasmin’s garder  off. In Germany, it is tradition to auction off who will take the garder off. Every bet that is made is collected and goes toward the honeymoon. With the language barrier, Jaime (not fully understanding what was being auctioned off) was insulted that no one would bet more money on Jasmin, so he went ahead and bid 60 Euros and was terrified when he found out what he had to do! For a few minutes he continued to argue that he couldn’t…but before he knew it the only other American there started chanting “Do it, do it, do it” and as he looked up at me cheering away, he went in for the kill, looked at Marco and said “I’m sorry Bro!”

Their wedding day was an emotional day, full of tears, laughter and joy. We believe that our dear friend Marco has found his perfect match! Marco and Jasmin, Jaime and I are so happy for you! Thank you for the honor of letting us be part of your special day. We are family. WE love you guys and thank you for loving us back.





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2 thoughts on “The Wedding”

  1. Wow! You are a good sport. I saw it was Jaime taking off the garter and was SO confused! Cake came before the ceremony? Beautiful wedding! The Marco Polo is HILARIOUS!!

    1. Amy, I can imagine! I constantly tell Jaime that it looks like was his wedding! He had a great time and he was a great Best Man! He danced with all the ladies that night! No, the cake did not come before the ceremony, but it came before the meal! We went to the reception and it was cake cutting time right after the wedding! Thank you for reading my blog Amy!

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