Word Worthy Week


In an effort to be more positive, once a week I will be posting highlights of my week and anything I am grateful for!


Last week was my first week. I finally start school… you know…the school I was humbly bragging about a few posts ago. I am excited, petrified, happy and frustrated! I know I will do well, but i’m nervous. There is a lot of pressure, but at the end of the day I am enormously thankful for this opportunity to learn.


Oh My God. After starting school, I realized that I was not going to be able to do this without it…Coffee. I drink coffee in social occasions. I have a problem, if I have a cup of espresso, the kid doesn’t sleep. Yeah, if I have a tiny cup of espresso at 9 am, I lay around twisting and turning until 1:30 am. It’s ridiculous, but since I am working very hard to pretend to be a grown up, I need it and it has been a lifesaver.

“You got a new job? Congrats” 

Very quickly, let me clairify that I did not get a new job, but I have three friends who have recently gotten better jobs, in regards to pay, location or even occupation! Although, this blog is about me and my adventures, what kind of a friend would I be if I could not express how happy and grateful I am that my friends are in a good place! Congrats guys! (I would put your names out there, but it doesn’t seem right…but you guys know who you are)


In the past few weeks I have met a lot of new people. Usually when this happens, A lot of them do not stick. Nothing against them, and I know for damn sure it’s not me, but sometimes we just do not mesh. I am grateful for the new (and Old) ones that stick . I enjoy our dinners, bar visits, our Facebook chats or even just sharing a laugh on the phone. THANKS guys! 🙂

Sticky Post-Its

My friend Lindsey has creating a wonderful tradition. I believe it began with notes written on my work notepad that said “Hi”, then a Tuesday To Do list, with encouraging words and has slowly transition to notes that pertain to our work week. For example, one week we had been at the gym more than usual and I found on my desk a note that stated “You should train as hard as you hate”. I have come to enjoy these post-its dearly. Lindsey, Thank you and please keep them coming!

Do you have any highlights to share? Or anything you want to mention that your grateful for? I would love to hear them! 




One thought on “Word Worthy Week”

  1. I am great full for being alive once again after all that I have gone through in the last past year and half. Also being able to get back almost to were I’m at again except no job yet. Also for having a wonderful niece Johana for being my friend and taking care of my nephew. I can look up to you alot to talk to. Miss you much and hope to see you real soon again! xxooxx

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