The End of An Era

LastDayWhen first starting a job, they always give you a set of rules. What to wear, how to speak, how to treat people, and pretty much…what to do. The part they never warn you about…is getting attached. Not just to your job, but to the people you work with.

When watching movies about cops (I know what your thinking…”where is she going with this?”) whenever one cop would say “I’m going to request a transfer…” and their partner was angry, I never understood that until now. (NO…I am not angry.) I had been working with my partner in crime, Airwrecka for a little over 2 years. During this time, she has become family to me. We laugh (a lot), we fight, we help each other and we annoy each other. She calls me a lazy blogger, I turn off her computer screen, she messes my aligned pens up , I pull her mouse…you know…the usual stuff. Last Friday was our last day working together. She got a promotion and I am happy for her. She deserves it, she is by far the most hard working woman I have ever met and had the privilege of working with. I’m sad for the time we will no longer spend together, but extremely happy for her! Yesterday, was my last day. Although, my new colleague and I only worked together for a week, I was sad to leave her as well.

I will not be employed for a hot minute. Most likely until I finish my degree. In all honesty, this makes me nervous. I know that working and completing  a Master’s is more important than working (if I could afford it), but there is this sense of closure I get from leaving my current job. Not only will I miss Airwrecka and the rest of the staff, but I will also miss my other colleagues, Lindsey G, Smelly Cat and Alyssa that are more than just friends to me, but family. I know I will see them again because a) some have family on the west coast, b) they all enjoy traveling and c) Really? I mean, do I really have to say it….they love me!, but although this is not goodbye and more like a “see you later” it really is “The End of An Era”. Which leads me to my next concern…when everything seems to be going well, I am beginning to feel a little lost again.




8 thoughts on “The End of An Era”

  1. I thought I had gotten all my tears out last Friday, but you have managed to bring out even more. You have said everything I’ve wanted to say, but with more poetry and art than I am capable of. And this is why you should be writing even more than you are now:) I love you, mi mejor amiga.

  2. I know what you mean, Johana! You’re excited for the future but sad to close a door that you didn’t mind being open. Basically, we’re going through the same thing! I stopped working a month ago and moving next week! That’s life in the military though. It’s better to have lived and met those, then not to at all, right? Miss you lady! I’ll be closer to seeing you though! 🙂

  3. Aww! You have no idea how much you will be missed. You and Airwrecka are both amazing people that I am blessed to have met as well as befriended. I love you both and will always remember my time in Hohenfels because of you guys. To new beginnings… Prost!

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