[mel-uh n-kol-ik]


disposed to or affected with melancholy; gloomy.

of, pertaining to, or affected with melancholia.
When I first thought about writing this week, my blog was going to revolve around a handkerchief. Actually, this handkerchief is what brought this on, but better evaluating my feelings….the reality is…i’m melancholic. I am trying really hard to keep a good front…keep up the facade that i’m okay. The truth is…i’m happy about moving home, but 6 years overseas is a long time. I’ve made Germany my home. AND lately, I have had an amazing time. The handkerchief was an unexpected gift. See, when I receive going away gifts it is always a gift certificate to an American restaurant or store, but a handkerchief is an adult gift. A sophisticated adult gift. It has been gifted with sentiment and thought. At first, I joked about how I would wear it as a headband or head piece as I photograph scorpions in the desert while wearing a cowboy hat and ray bans. The truth is, I immediately felt an attachment to this. This handkerchief is being gifted with much more meaning. I believe this piece of cloth will help me in my transition. Last week as I said good bye to our friend Michael as he left to the UK; last night, as I watched my husband Jaime write endearing messages on a rock at his favorite brewery in Schwetzigen; tonight as I watched Jaime and my friends Jake and Jill laugh and enjoy our dinner; or even speaking to Airwrecka and Lindsey about making plans for our last day together, I felt that I should have had that handkerchief on hand. Whether it be to dry my tears of sadness for leaving my loved friends; tears of joy for greeting my mom at LAX or drying the sweat off my forehead at the unbearable heat in the desert or even from the nervousness of photographing this imaginary scorpion, this handkerchief should be on hand.
Kathleen, Thank you for this wonderful gift. It means much more than you could have ever imagined.
Until next time…

One thought on “Melancholic”

  1. wow that me cry but at the same time its good you guys are coming back we need or i need family right now. cause we are all we got and times are going fast so familu is very important to me. love you and jaime very much safe traveling and enjoy what you guys had in germany and now a new adventure begins again in your life,

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