SO…This Is Where I’m At…

August 2014
Kallmunz, Germany 

The last few days in Germany were great, but I found myself being extremely sad. I loved my life in Germany. I mean, I loved my job, I love my colleague Airwrecka, I love my friends, I loved doing Lia Sophia, I love my school and most importantly my marriage is great…the only real thing missing was family. BUT…Although I left my hotel with a heavy heart and tears in my eyes, I was quickly snapped back into Johana mode when the stewartess on my flight was unhelpful and showed a lack of empathy for our situation. By situation I mean, Jaime and I were overly exhausted and we not only had to look out for ourselves, but also for our dog Morrison (um, on that note: Parents kudos to you when traveling with a baby!!! I applaud you)  in addition to carry-on bags, keeping passports & airline tickets, going through customs, changing planes  and  departing with only 2 hours of sleep. (In addition to this, Where does anyone get the impression that moving from overseas just consists of us getting on a plane?)

Looking back at my time spent in Germany, I know I’ve grown up and I am not the same person as when I first left. I’ve made tons of friends from all over Europe; I’ve seen every country I initially left America wanting to see (AND I LOVED THEM ALL); I’ve stepped out of my comfort zone with the language barrier; I finished my undergrad and did what I considered “The Impossible” by getting into Grad School; I’ve lost a lot of friends; I’ve fallen in love with art, street artists, and homeless musicians; I’ve been in a fight on a German drunken train coming back from Oktoberfest; I’ve traveled alone; I’ve traveled in company of a ton of dudes and I was inspired to begin this blog.

SO…This is where i’m at: I’m 30; i’m unemployed; i’m a grad student; Lia Sophia is closing it’s doors at the end of the year and i’m back in California. After living overseas for 6 years, I some how never found a way to imagine what my life would be like back here. I feel more lost than ever (not just mentally, but physically). I am easily confused with so many vehicles, my native tongue suddenly sounds foreign to me and honestly the food & beer taste a little funny and not natural…but damn, it’s really good to be around Jaime and my family!




2 thoughts on “SO…This Is Where I’m At…”

  1. You accomplished so much in your time here. AND I’ve told you to quit saying your unemployed – you are a graduate student and that’s a full-time job. Most people never make it that far.

    There’s no place like home! Enjoy the time you have there cause who knows where you’ll be a few years from now – maybe back in Germany:)

  2. Girl I agree with your friend you are a graduated and yes its hard coming back to the states again but hopefully everything will go good for you and Jaime and we can become closer in family since i would like to have family again cause we are all we got and you are a strong cookie and have come along away and you will only get stronger.. love you and hope to see you soon again so we can hook up and go out for lunch and spend sometime together….

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