Happy New Year!!! Is it too late to say Happy New Year? Let’s just pretend that it isn’t…okay?…okay!

Dear friends, family, enemies, and readers from 23 countries,

It has been 36 days since my last post…I’m SO Sorry! I have abandoned you during the Holidays. During those 30 plus days, that I have been away, I’ve rediscovered a ton of things about California/America that I had forgotten about or have  completely changed.

(NOTE: I know there is going to be some Asshole out there saying “Um, this isn’t new” (throughout the next few entries in this blog.) Here is my response: you try living overseas for six years, where everyone is not addicted to technology and isn’t driving like a maniac everywhere because whatever everyone is doing is so much more important than the driver next to you. Please forgiving me for being a bit slower paced.)

One thing I have discovered about myself (and many, many, many Americans take for granted) is my love for commercials. I know….pretty damn pathetic…but I love them. As a matter of fact, I didn’t know I loved them so much until I rediscovered them. In Germany, we didn’t have the luxury of viewing American commercials.  As lame as you may believe this entry maybe, I couldn’t go on writing about my experience back home, without describing the moment I realized my parents had a DVR. I watched them in utter shock when they fast forwarded every commercial that came their way. All I thought was “what’s the rush?” or “That’s a good one!” or “What are they advertising?”.  I know, that DVR’s are not a new technology, but it was not a mainstream item when I still lived in America last.

The following are my favorites:

“Aaaah Push it”

The Geico commercial. I love this thing, to the point where I stop rewind this commercial. I dance along to it, sing it, and repeatedly laugh at the end. Take a look:

Source: Youtube

“Johnny JamBoogie”

I love it because I can relate. Not in the “I’m a quarterback”…kinda way, but definitely in the “I’m not acting like myself because i’m hangry kind of way” (NOTE: I don’t watch football. In all honesty, I don’t understand it and I do not pretend too… SO…this doesn’t mean, I am a fan of Johnny Manziel. BUT if anyone would like to take the time to throw back a beer and some hot wings and teach me all about the sport…I’m totally down for that!)

Source: Youtube

“What D’ya get?”

One line! Repeatedly! By toys! In 30 seconds I was brought back to childhood excitement about Christmas.

Source: Youtube

“I HATE Budweiser commercials”

Yes, I have been quoted for saying this every time Budweiser has a new commercial. No offense to them, their cinematography is always fantastic, but why are they always so sad? Or So happy that people around get super sentimental…But this one, THIS ONE…I Love. Most likely because in all honesty, I miss my “buds”!  (The extended version of this commercial is so much better, if you have some time look it up)

Source: Youtube

Which one is was your favorite?

Until next time!!!!





4 thoughts on “Commercials”

  1. Johana, Long time reader first time commenter! I enjoyed your post and seeing the same commercials is new to my wife and I. It has been a culture shock for us because we are so use to not seeing anything. My wife loves the “Push it” commercial. Being stateside is well you know. J Date: Sun, 11 Jan 2015 11:44:26 +0000 To:

  2. I can’t wait to be back home and watch these commercials. And to think, you’ll have the best commercials ever on during the Superbowl – the only good reason to watch football:) Glad to see you’re back at it!!!

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