The Romantically Challenged Man.

Romantically Challenged Man Final

There are a lot of great guys out there.

I know you want me to sit here and act like other women and say men are dumb, but as a Girl Bro…I just can’t. At times, we might meet less than mediocre men, but the reality is… some of these guys, just need a little guidance. Man Crates has taken notice of this same social issue and wants to help! Don’t worry, they are so manly that you can’t break into their gift boxes without a crowbar! (These boxes are so cool, that I even want one!!! AND their great gifts for V-Day, Father’s Day, an Anniversary, Birthday for any guy since their giftboxes vary!!!) 

I’m a simple girl. I do not need much to be happy, and honestly since moving back to California, I hate waiting to be seated. Personally, at times the best nights out are the nights you can spend in.

SO, in that case the following items are what I would include in The Romantically Challenged ManCrate:

The Handkerchief

I know what you’re thinking…”WTF? Talk about outdated!” but just hear me out. I was recently introduced to Man Crates and their date crate project. My first thought was to go through my catalog of dates. This is what first came to mind, as a teenager, let’s say circa “The Green Mile” I went on a day date. We decided to watch this movie, not really knowing what we were going to see (from this experience I have also learn to always watch trailers) Well, if you have seen this movie, as you can imagine, this didn’t end very well. I was tearing up, he was tearing up, I was crying, he was crying, I was sobbing….and well he wasn’t (Thank goodness). The whole while, I remember he offered the sleeve of his shirt. If only he would have had a handkerchief I probably wouldn’t have gotten eyeliner, tears and snot on his shirt. (Obviously, this didn’t work out…)

The Style

I know, that many consider V-Day another day, but if you actually have a Valentine or a date…BRO, wear a button up! You do not need to go out to an expensive restaurant, or rent a suit (I mean, it’s not a prom) just make an attempt to look nice! As a younger adult, I use to have a crush on a guy who only wore a black hoodie…everyday! WTF was I thinking? I mean, I get it, I’m not always dressed up to the nines….but ALL. THE. TIME? Guys, get a button up! Girls like when our guys look dapper from time to time.

The Hygiene Kit

Keep it clean! I have been around so many guys from past dating experiences, personal friends and my husband’s buddies to know, girls pay attention to smells! As a matter of fact, I remember what people smell like based on colognes, aftershave…detergent! Shower & throw on some cologne. I mean, do you want to kiss a smelly girl? Yeah…I didn’t think so…

The Grub

As a foodie, there is nothing more attractive than a man who can cook! (Well, at least can cook a decent meal.) With so many cooking apps & ready to cook meals this can be an easy task!) The best idea would be a really easy recipe and possibly ingredients to be put in a crate. That way, there is no hassles, no research, no shopping, and no cutting! Just cooking.

The Tiny Token

For V-Day, don’t come empty handed. For the love of Yoda, DON’T COME EMPTY HANDED! This also doesn’t mean you need to go out and buy the trendiest new up and coming bag for her! By Tiny Token, I mean get her some flowers, not roses, but get her HER favorite flowers. Come by with some chocolate, and not the heart shaped box you found at a convenient store, get her something special, possibly a foreign chocolate or better yet, get her HER favorite chocolate!

AND MOST IMPORTANTLY, be confident! The girls dig it! We love it when a guy is comfortable in his own skin! Be yourself…well be yourself, but follow my advice…those are just to prep you!




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