Lost Friends and Fortune Cookies

I’ve grown accustom to making friends no matter where I go. Actually, I don’t make friends…I do meet people all the time…but I’m not the one that creates a scenario to begin the conversation. Jaime, on the other hand, is the social butterfly that usually walks into a room of 30 people and comes out with 29 friends (because he is the 30th person to walk in). Since I left California, it is easy to estimate that I’ve made friends with  hundreds more of people. (Fun Fact #6: The Kid actually knows everyone on her Facebook account). Coming back stateside, I came back hoping to rekindle my old friendships, but when first arriving, there were tons of things to get adjusted to. So far, I’ve had two friendly encounters, full of long chats and trips down memory lane, new stories, laughter, sad stories, love stories and chaotic chats about babies. Although these two encounters have been lovely, I can’t help but think about my long lost…eh..friends. Yes…Long Lost Friends. Now these are friends that have gone M.I.A. or worse…we’ve argued over pettiness and have lost the desire to continue being my friends or have no desire to have contact with me. Believe it or not, I’ve experienced this a whole lot more than what I would like to admit, the ditching out on me…of course.

Due to these incidents,  I constantly find myself with very little to no closure. That’s the real bitch.

After lunch on Sunday, I couldn’t help but feel terrible for doing this exact same thing to my friends. I find comfort in knowing that I didn’t do it on purpose and I just got married and left. It wasn’t anything personal. As I drove home I reflected on how much our lives had changed, how much we grew up, how our values were somewhat the same and how some of us really evolved. Discovering this was the best part.

Most of the time, when I feel conflicted in this manner, I have one solution…Chinese food. Not because of the actual food but in the past the fortune cookie has offered me comfort. At one point, after having a dear friend prove to me how unethical she was, the cookie stated “You are better than them”. (I could not agree more…my oriental friend!) Searching for comfort, the next day I saw out some quality Chinese food. I finished my meal and found this:


I’m currently writing this blog post from the comfort of my couch since…I pulled my lower back about an hour after I found this. In hopes that this was a fluke, Jaime bought me Chinese food today, when I asked him for the fortune cookie he simply stated ” They didn’t give me one”. Hmmm… apparently I have no fortune!

All I have to say is… You FAT Panda…you’re a fucking fraud….I guess my “No Closure” list continues to grow, the Panda won’t even send me a damn cookie.




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