My Mom

I know that Mother’s Day was Sunday. I know I should have written this two days ago (or prepped it ahead of time). But on Mother’s Day I was busy. In addition, to waking up at 3 am to finish some homework, researching feminism and The Beatles, arguing with my kid brother about splashing water around me, I spent time with my mom. I didn’t say Happy Mother’s Day on Facebook or write this blog that day, because I was too busy spending time with Maria…My mother. (Sorry Mom).

About a month ago or so, my mom and I were driving back home from our new favorite store, HomeGoods. (I LOVE THIS PLACE SO MUCH!) I began to tell my mom that school was wearing me down. I was exhausted and many times I stop to think “is this really worth it?”. I love my school program, don’t get me wrong, it’s perfect, I’m the REAL problem. I told her that many students in my class were already published writers, Children’s book authors, Ballet Dancers, Opera Singers or teachers and I feel like I pretty much do not bring anything to the table. My mom took the time to hear me out and give me one of the best motivational speeches I have heard. She began with what I thought was going to be negative, “Johana, maybe this art/museum thing is not for you…” I immediately thought “Oh HELL NO!” but she continued on by saying “…I feel like you would be a better writer. Maybe doing something like Drew Barrymore in Never Been Kissed but about travel or food or about museums.” In addition to telling me that, she told me  I need to get over those insecurities, she said “You got in! You got in on your own and didn’t have any of that, that doesn’t mean you can’t do those things, you just haven’t been able to yet!”. I drove back a bit shocked. At this point I thought, “if she thinks I could do it…. I could do it”.

My Mom is a wonderful woman. She works hard and has one of those personalities that lights up a room, but don’t piss her off because just as fast as that light was given…it will be taken away. She is my inspiration to be better, to be kinder and to be less whiny. In all honesty, she is a cool parent. I know this, because on many occasions, people say “You’re so lucky! You’re mom is so cool!”

Mom and Me  1


Laura, Mario and I are lucky to have you! Thank you for everything you have done, everything you have had to sacrifice, and for putting up with our crap.I would not be the grown woman I am today, if it weren’t for you. I Love You.

(I don’t like that people say you look like my sister…but I guess for a couple of days, I won’t correct people!)




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