OMG…My Little Sister is Getting Married!!!

In my adult life, I have never really considered myself a “romantic.” The word itself gives me an icky feeling. See…I romanticize about places, words, music. Let’s be real for a moment…are you prepared? Good… I’ll break it down for you.  I’m 32, my romantic education consists of watching my single male friends use Tinder or Plenty of Fish and listening to their tall tales of painful breakups. Also, I’ve watched some of my best friends named Carrie, Miranda, Charlotte, and Samantha battle it out every half hour with the opposite sex. Not to mention, I’ve been horrendously heartbroken before, and as much as you get over it, the memory of that emotion always remains raw. Frankly, when I see teenage couples, I can’t help but think… “They’re not going to make it…” (I know, I’m an asshole.)

And then, this happened…

Laura, my younger sister, and her boyfriend Jeff of two and a half years have recently gotten engaged. When she called me, it was exciting. I shrieked, I laughed, and I even clapped. But due to my own success “I just finished Grad School” buzz, I hadn’t mentioned it. And honestly, who am I to steal her thunder? One day, after I finished my shift, I decided to finish up some Christmas shopping. I hadn’t bought anything for Jeff, I just couldn’t find anything. I called my sister seeking advice, and she said “Buy something we both can use…” (I’m not a fan of this idea.) My response was along the lines of “Ugh…whatever.” As I stood in line, I saw a Yo-yo. A nice, solid wooden Yo-yo and I thought “maybe Jeff would like this.” But I quickly shook the idea out of my head. As I went up to pay, the cashier said “Did you find everything okay?” and I responded “You know, I’m looking for a gift for my sister’s fiance… Oh, My God, my little sister is getting married.” (Note: this sounded more like Janice from Friends…And my voice usually doesn’t go this high). A few of the cashiers and customers around me laughed.It struck me, Laura is taken. Maybe it’s because I hadn’t said it out loud to someone who didn’t know them. Perhaps, it’s because I was speaking about them generically. I don’t know.

Jeff is the kind of guy you want to be best pals with. He is quiet but funny.  As a matter of fact, I find myself looking forward to what he is going to say next. His laugh is infectious, and he always smells so nice. (I can say that right?… I mean, my sister always tells my husband Jaime “Wow, Jaime look at your muscles!” and even pinches them. That’s normal, right?)  Anyway, I couldn’t imagine a better match for my precious little sister. And, I really couldn’t imagine a better brother in law for myself, I mean, he always listens to my strange stories; asks valid questions about our conversations and keeps my secrets (Sorry, but he is gonna be the only one who knows what I’m talking about!)

Laura, like Jeff, is stylish, witty and kind. But her best characteristic is her honesty. I will be the first to admit, I’m not always a fan of this. (Most likely because I constantly feel like I need to get my shit together.) She’s strong and is much tougher than I am. She handles difficult situations with grace and impeccable poise. My favorite moments with her are the ones no one else gets to witness. At the beginning of November, Laura walked in on my Grandma consoling me. Laura asked, “What’s wrong Jo?” I explained that I had twelve days to complete it and my professor’s notes were not as pleasant as I thought they would be. Laura looked at me and said “Do you think you have given your project enough attention?” and I said, “I have been working on it for days, I’ve even called him.” Laura immediately responded, “Jo, you got this. You will figure it out. You always do.” This offered me relief. Her believing that I could do it. Moments like these show me that my little sister has my back.

I’m beyond happy my sister has found her person. They complement each other beautifully.My favorite part about this pair is how they look at each other when the other isn’t looking and how happy they look when they don’t realize that others are paying attention. They are one of the best couples I’ve met (I mean, aside from Jaime and I, because our love story is the best!) I love you guys! Jeff, welcome to our family!




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