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The Mid Year Resolutions…

This year I started out with big plans.

-Be Healthy-Read More-Clear Shitty Debt-Write More-Be Happy

At first it started well. I ate healthy food but somewhere down the line, I caught myself only eating snacks (I’d like to blame this on Grad school). I read more. But I read more just for school and I found myself only reading one book from Bustle’s list. (I read “A Thousand Splendid Suns” and that’s because it was assigned). As I subbed more, I started clearing shitty debt. But somehow, I charged my cards up again…(DAMN you KOHL’S & HomeGoods…why is your stuff so awesome? I just can’t stay away.) Wrote more for school,but I wanted to write more for myself. (As you can tell, I haven’t been able to blog much at all this year!) Finally, I’m happy overall. I have met a few people that really keep me motivated. But I am overly stressed and really exhausted. These first five months have been busy, and being happy isn’t just about the people I’m surrounded by, but tackling work in a stress free manner.

I’m doing Mid Year Resolutions. Yeah…maybe this is a bit dumb. Maybe I’ve lost my shit. But not working on a Capstone in the summer; not graduating and not subbing… changes things. The kid’s defeated. I need a do over or at the very least work on myself. Lets take it back to the start.

So… here is to a half year of No Fucks Given… And the rest of my Summer List.

Wish me luck this time.

Do you have any goals you wish you would have kept up with? Were all of your New Year Resolutions successful? If so, which?










Happy New Year?

I know… I’ve been away. After Fall quarter, I decided I needed a writing break and thought I would pick it up at the beginning of 2016. The holidays are stressful; so much pressure since everyone has such high expectations. I knew the beginning of January was going to be busy (since my Winter quarter started January 4th). This year, like every other year, I have New Years Resolutions, in hopes that it will make me the ideal adult. Here is the kicker: Expectations of resolutions, like the holidays, are too high. There is so much pressure to lose weight; be debt free; buy a home; be nicer…that people get burned out. (You know that if you’re reading this, you agree!). So… in honor of the busy “beginning of the year” gym days (and school starting; my extra subbing and making detailed lists of what I want to accomplish and how I am going to accomplish this…) I decided to wait. Yup… Wait! At first I thought January 15th is the perfect day to start my Resolutions, but due to the Gym still being full; unexpected company and a random foot dilemma, I decided to push back until the 21st. So today it begins: “The List of What Johana Hopes to Accomplish this Year”… Ready?

Be Healthy

I’m 31. I don’t know how I got here and most of the time it’s so automatic for me to resent the idea of getting older. I want to drink like I’m 21; smoke like I’m 18; jump and run like I’m five and stay up all night like an infant. It’s time to Adult. My goal is the never ending struggle I have with losing weight. Not because it’s the trendy goal, but because it’s important for my heart, for my knees, for my future un-conceived children but most important because I love clothing! I need to take vitamins, watch what I eat, sleep more.


My best friend Jill says she admires how much I read. I read a lot of: blogs, art books, articles on art and culture, travel articles and text books. I hardly get to read books that I want to read or any books I will grow from. This year I’ve decided to read Bustle’s “20 Classic And Important Books That Will Make You Feel Well-Read, Even If They’re The Only Ones You Read”. Some of these I have already read, but I know there are a few that I have never even touched, that I should have read, like “Moby Dick” “Tale of Two Cities” and “Beloved”… Shame on me.

Clear Shitty Debt

Debt is inevitable. Realistically, like other 30 nothings, I have school loans and car loans, but you know what I mean by shitty debt. Shitty debt: Store cards that give “30 percent off on the first day of use” but then bite you in the ass with a 23.99% APR. WTF was I thinking? I want to pay these suckers off! Instead, I want to have one credit card for Emergencies (and preferably one that will give me miles! I have places I want to see…Amsterdam, Korea, Machu Picchu, India)


I don’t write enough for myself. I write a ton for school, but I never find the time to write on here or short stories or ideas of my own. I need to write more, without constantly being given ideas. I have ideas; maybe they aren’t all panned out, but they could lead to great ideas.

Be Happy

Finally, this is the most important one. All of the above will help me, but I need to stop letting irrelevant people, doormat me. I want to be surround by people who are going to praise me. For the individual I am; for the individual I am striving to be. I don’t need toxicity.

So… here is to a year of No Fucks Given. To a year with better health, more money and more literature & compositions.

What are your goals? Have anything new panned out for 2016? Share it!