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OMG…My Little Sister is Getting Married!!!

In my adult life, I have never really considered myself a “romantic.” The word itself gives me an icky feeling. See…I romanticize about places, words, music. Let’s be real for a moment…are you prepared? Good… I’ll break it down for you.  I’m 32, my romantic education consists of watching my single male friends use Tinder or Plenty of Fish and listening to their tall tales of painful breakups. Also, I’ve watched some of my best friends named Carrie, Miranda, Charlotte, and Samantha battle it out every half hour with the opposite sex. Not to mention, I’ve been horrendously heartbroken before, and as much as you get over it, the memory of that emotion always remains raw. Frankly, when I see teenage couples, I can’t help but think… “They’re not going to make it…” (I know, I’m an asshole.)

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